Tuesday, 2 July 2013

Volunteers Uplift Chintsa Preschool

Our third group of International Student Volunteers were with us from 8th - 21st June. Following on from the amazing work that the previous groups did at the African Angels School (you can read about their work in our previous blogs "Volunteers aim to make a huge impact on Chintsa" and "Volunteers Complete Classrooms at African Angels School"), group 3 set to working with Phumla at the Chintsa East Preschool. Phumla's preschool building and facilities were in need of some serious care and attention. Check out the work that this great group of volunteers completed:

Volunteering to Maintain Phumlas Preschool

The volunteers completed the following tasks:

- Cleaning, scraping and re-painting of the school building

- Painting new, bright murals on the preschool building external walls



- Repainting of the windows and refitting of burglar bars

- Re-fencing of the preschool area to give Chintsa's smallest learners a safe place to play

- Building a new set of swings and balancing beam for the Grade R kids

- Completed the new sandpit which was begun in the weekly gardening club but needed completing

There were also bits and pieces of work which needed to be completed from the previous groups work which included:

- Completing the African Angels new computer lab: installing burglar bars on the windows and getting the computers installed in the lab

- Some organisation of classrooms and resources in the newly refurbished Angels classrooms

We want to say a HUGE thank you to our volunteers for putting in so much effort and hard work - Phumla's preschool is looking so much better and this would not have been achieved with out you. And great big thank you to our awesome volunteer co-ordinator Katie for sharing her photos with the Vlog :)

If you read this blog and think "I'd like to be involved more in those projects..." then you need to visit our website where you can find out all about volunteering in Phumla's preschool on the Community Preschool Project and volunteering at the African Angels School.


April & Denver


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