Friday, 31 May 2013

Food for Thought in Chintsa, South Africa

The Friends Fortnight Fast is a brand new campaign which aims to raise much needed money for the Friends of Chintsa Feeding Scheme in Chintsa East School.

Thursday, 30 May 2013

Group Volunteers Aim to Make a Huge Impact on Chintsa

It's Winter again and here at VA32 we're loving having our first ISV Volunteer group here. This is the first of ten groups in total. Six groups will work on our well established initiatives based in community development; completing and maintaining upliftment projects in local rural schools and public spaces. The remaining four groups will pioneer our first group Sports Development initiatives  which aim to provide sporting workshops and skills training for the young learners of the wider Chintsa area. We can't wait!  And we're aiming high...

Wednesday, 29 May 2013

New Computers for South African Computer Literacy Project

Chintsa East School gets new computers donated to up-grade their struggling computer lab!

The computers waiting to be shipped
from the UK
The last month has been extremely busy for volunteers, our co-ordinator Ash and computer technician Pete! On last month a shipping of 40 second-hand desktop computers finally landed in PE. The computers have had a loooong journey from the UK to South Africa and this huge donation from Afrinspire has been in the pipeline for many months. Once the goodies arrived it was up to our Wild Coast Schools volunteers to unpack, check and list all of the contents of the shipment. Ashley then helped to decide where the computers would be best put to use.