Wednesday, 29 May 2013

New Computers for South African Computer Literacy Project

Chintsa East School gets new computers donated to up-grade their struggling computer lab!

The computers waiting to be shipped
from the UK
The last month has been extremely busy for volunteers, our co-ordinator Ash and computer technician Pete! On last month a shipping of 40 second-hand desktop computers finally landed in PE. The computers have had a loooong journey from the UK to South Africa and this huge donation from Afrinspire has been in the pipeline for many months. Once the goodies arrived it was up to our Wild Coast Schools volunteers to unpack, check and list all of the contents of the shipment. Ashley then helped to decide where the computers would be best put to use.

Chintsa East Lab

Chintsa East computer lab was the third lab ever set up by VA32 (Byletts high school was the first, closely followed by Bulugha Farm School which is still supported by volunteers). The lab has been running for approximately 7 years on very old, second hand hp laptops; all of our schools volunteers you will remember the days when "jiggling" the screen was the technical term for getting it to spring back into life, or removing and re-inserting power cables and mouse plugs would be the only fix available to countless issues in this problem-child lab. Over the past 6 months the lab was in such a dire state that the Big Green eMachine was called in to take over the permanent lab. With it's new laptop computers, solar power and mobile abilities the Big Green filled the gap perfectly and allowed the computer literacy project to continue even while the lab was in dis-repute. more! We're proud to announce the re-fitment of 11 brand-new-second-hand desktop computers with flat screens which have been fitted and networked to update the Chintsa East computer lab.
Check out the new lab in action!

The new computers and screens in Chintsa East lab
One of our lovely volunteer teachers, Cat, teaching in the lab
Woohoo! Check out our new computer lab! :)

You can see more photos of the new lab on the Friends of Chintsa facebook page.

The remaining computers will be divided between Bulugha School Lab...

The kids checking out the new equipment in the Bulugha lab
Volunteers Cat & Jana in the Bulugha lab which they
designed & painted together - thanks ladies! :)
The fun new artwork on the walls of Bulugha lab!
...PLUS a brand new computer lab will be fitted in the new African Angels Independent School and in the future, a lab designed specifically for adult computer literacy classes.

A huge thank you goes out to Afrinspire for the donation of the computers as well as Hannah Dixie for her instrumental part in the logistics in the UK, to Busi in PE for taking the shipment, to VA32/ AHJ for getting the computers to Chintsa from PE and to Ash, Pete and our volunteers for working so hard to get the labs up and running. Thank you guys - we REALLY couldn't do any of this without you! :)



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