Thursday, 28 February 2013

What it is to Volunteer in South Africa

by Paula, Brazil

Me and my fellow volunteers by the VA32 office in Chintsa
 As I stand here on my last day of this amazing experience I try to get it to sink in, what all this means and why it matters so much. My experience in South Africa has really touched me in a lot of ways.

For you to have the confidence to decide to invest your money, time and love to come all the way to this amazing country, Africa, is very special. For me, Africa has always amazed me and travelling is my big passion so coming to volunteer in Chintsa was a dream come true in many ways. How can you not be touched by the unfairness faced by people here everyday, by the misery that touches so many lives and by seeing the consequences of actions made in the past, that still affect the people here's all there, you just have to open your eyes to see it.

Monday, 25 February 2013

My Time as a Volunteer in Chintsa, South Africa

by Patricia, Brazil

Getting into volunteer work not knowing for sure what is expected of you demands courage but also especially demands the will to share love and to help others.

When I came to Chintsa I didn't know how things would be. I didn't know how big and beautiful this project was and the huge love that I'd share in my days as a "vollie".

Love! I think that's the word that better defines work like this.

Today, in my last day at the Community Creche my heart is full of love. I now have an extra charge of love in my life!
My babies will be a part of me forever and I'm sure that a better future is waiting for them.
I leave them with a piece of my heart and take with me all this love which I received here.

Special thanks to all the people of the project and Volunteer Africa 32 Degrees South, and to my dears Nobuntu, Bantu, Ntombi and Robyn - the mama's of Chintsa Creche.

Love! Enkosi!

Criciuma, Brazil

To find out more about the Volunteer Africa Community Preschool Project which Patricia was a part of visit our website. 

Wednesday, 20 February 2013

Computer Literacy Students join our Blog!

The new volunteer co-ordinator for VA32 education volunteer projects came up with a great idea a few weeks ago - to ask our learners from the schools which we're teaching computer skills in, to write a blog; about school, about their life and them. Our first learner Asive, who is in Grade 6 at Chintsa East School, shared her thoughts on the volunteers, her hometown and computer lessons.

" My Blog
by Asive Gxakaza, Grade 6

My name is Asive, I love my teachers and the volunteers who come to my school. My town is Chintsa East. I love my town, it is beautiful.
Me with the Big Green eMachine!

My schools name is Chintsa East.

I love computer lessons because they are interesting and we learn a lot. I also have nice and lovely friends at school. I love the Big Green eMachine, thanks for the Big Green eMachine.

My spoilts I like are pops (suckers/ lollies!) and dolls.

Love from Asive "

Thank you Asive for sharing your thoughts and writing your first blog!

To find out more about the Wild Coast Schools Project which is enabling rural school learners like Asive to become competent and confident in expressing themselves through computer technology on our website at

Look out for more student blogs over the coming weeks!


Monday, 4 February 2013

The Big Chintsa Sports Day 2013

In celebration of the handing over of the Chintsa Sports Centre from the Friends of Chintsa, to the Chintsa community.

It's been a looooooong time in preparation, with blood, sweat and tears, planning and re-planning, even the building and moving of an entire volleyball court...but the day arrived on Saturday 2nd February 2013, when the Chintsa Sports Centre was officially handed over from NPO Friends of Chintsa, to the community of Chintsa.