Monday, 3 June 2013

See How Our Garden Grows!

The afternoons for volunteers are filled with community development initiatives in Chintsa which are designed to support the schools and people who VA32 work with every day.

The last few weeks have seen a new gardening and beautification initiative begun; driven by volunteer co-ordinator Ash, Kate from Friends of Chintsa, local teacher and carer Phumla and (of course) our education project volunteers.

The Gardening Initiative

The gardening initiative has several aims and outcomes:

1. The encourage the beautification of school grounds and a pride in the school
2. To make the school grounds functional and useful to its users
3. To assist the school feeding scheme in the growth of fresh vegetables and salad
4. To educate the young learners of the school and teach them the skills to grow vegetables and keep a garden

So far volunteers have:

  • Helped to move the foundation phase sand-pit to a new, more practical area; just outside the door to the foundation phase classroom.

  • Created flower and vegetable beds in the Chintsa East school gardens
The gardening team in action with Phumla, Kate &
Charlotte's supervision!

Look at our plants growing! :)

A proudly green-fingered learner from Chintsa East School
  • Created flower beds in several areas around the school

Phumla's new flower bed outside her classroom

Two of our learners taking part in the gardening initiative :)

And today the children and volunteers will be harvesting their first food from the garden! 
From small things...

Big things grow! 

Thanks for sharing your photo's and news Ash & Charlotte! 


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