Wednesday, 12 June 2013

Volunteers Complete Classrooms at African Angels School

The past 4 weeks have seen two groups of ISV Impact Volunteers working with VA32 on a Community Development Initiative to help develop the facilities at the new African Angels Independent School - and this week the projects are almost complete!

(Read our previous blog Group Volunteers Aim to Make A Huge Impact on Chintsa to see the launching of the projects and what work was completed by our first group).

Community Development Project- Completion at African Angels School 

New Computer Lab - ready for computers to be installed

The new computer lab for the school has been set-up and is ready to be installed with computers (which will happen within the next month!).

The door was varnished and a new mural painted on the wall

The stunning African themed mural on the walls of the lab

The benches were cleaned in preparation for the equipment
being brought in

The mural at the back of the computer lab (check out the
monkey swinging from the tree!) :)

New Classroom Completed

The new classroom was completed and is now ready for a new grade to move in!
The beginnings of doing up the new Grade R
classroom - sanding and painting!

The classroom cleared and re-painted

Putting shelves into the corner of the classroom
The completed classroom - ready for a new grade to move into :)

New Music Room & Library

The new library has been set-up and is in the process of having books put on shelves, organised and labelled!
Varnishing the new shelves and benches

New shelves against the walls (varnished!)

Divider/ shelving for the library

The shelves are already in use in the new library! :)

Milton working on the ceiling in the library
The library - book, files and a hop-scotch mat on the floor!

The gate to the library

Helpful little Angels - these guys were helping Aunty
Sharon (Angels teachers) to organise the library
and music room 

Completed Grade R Jungle Gym & Bike Track

The jungle gym completed and bike track almost there!

Laying concrete on the floor of the bike track and
a new garden and rockery in the middle of the track

Laying concrete!

A path has been built down to the Grade R jungle
gym and bike track

The new path between the big kids jungle gym
and the grade R jungle gym!

A huge thank you to our volunteers for their extremely hard work, fun nature and all the laughs we've had with you guys during your time here! The African Angels school is looking really great and the kids have got awesome new facilities to learn and play in - thank you :)

Our next group of volunteers arrived on Saturday 8th June and are already getting stuck in! Keep an eye on our facebook page to check out what projects they are working on and look out for the next blog about our Community Development volunteer groups.


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