Thursday, 27 March 2014

Awonke's Grahamstown Science Fair Blog

Awonke with volunteer Nino
Recently there was a National Science Fest. held in the creative little town of Grahamstown. The grade 4 learners from African Angels Independent School took this opportunity to get involved in a bit of science and a lot of fun! Having been taking part in some computer classes at school Awonke wanted to write about his time in Grahamstown for the vlog - here goes!

Grade 4 at the Science Festival

Awonkes Grahamston weekend story.

Where did I go with my class?

I went to gramhamstown with my class.

Who did I go with?

I went wiyh tobs,Aunty Sharon,Ms.Khorngut and tarryn.
WHat different activties did we do there?

We learned about Hydregion and water.
What was my favourite thing?

My favourite thing was sleeping.

Tell me one fact that you learned at the weekend!

I learned about science and water with chemicals.

Did you have fun?

Yes I had fun.


Great typing Awonke - thanks for sharing your story :)

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