Wednesday, 21 August 2013

What a Load of Rubbish!

An Update from the Wild Coast Schools Volunteer Project

We have been having a whole load of litter fun with our young learners. The topic for this school term has been My School Environment and we have been learning about litter; where it belongs and the different types of litter that we make. We decided to explore recycling one week, by making our own monsters out of rubbish!
The students loved making monsters; we used cardboard, paper, plastic and anything else recycled that we could get our hands on (thanks to Fred and Marion at the Cintsa East Store for donating endless spare cardboard boxes to the cause). We made three eyed monsters, hairy monsters and even a monster who wore a pair of glasses. After sticking together our monsters, we chose names for them; from Bongani to Charlotte, the students loved becoming the monsters and telling us “Molo!” in monster voices!

One of our new monsters Aphelele in the Bulugha computer lab.

It was a great activity to do, because trying to explain recycling can be a challenge! I find that it's very different in Europe, where I'm from, because recycling is an integral part of our responsibility but that's not the case here in South Africa. It felt positive to be teaching the learners about recycling as it's something that once kick started can make a difference to the community forever.

This is Phumla and the Grade R's recycling cardboard
into compost...

Which will soon turn into gas to be used in the
schools kitchen!

Our Wild Coast Schools teaching volunteer Nino also came up with the great starter activity on the theme of litter; the learners took part in a three legged litter pick at Cintsa East School. Go Grade 2!

Three legged litter pick-up!

The grade 2's being three legged monsters
with the volunteers
If you have any other ideas for litter and recycling related games and activities for schools we would love to hear them! Post them in a comment below this blog.

(A huge thanks to volunteer Mattias for sharing his "Rubbish Monster" photos with the vlog!)

Charlotte, VA32 Volunteer Co-ordinator

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