Friday, 4 March 2016

The Pre-Vet Experience Kicks Off for an Exciting Year

Remembering one of last years successful giraffe relocations

Our first student of the year has arrived and the Pre-vet Project team is ready for a fantastic 2016. Capture season is not yet up and running but we expect this year to be busy and our new vet, Tendai, starting in May will be brought right into the thick of it!

In the meantime our students will be spending time with local vets continuing with wildlife call-outs; agriculture related activities such as cattle pregnancy testing, clipping hooves and vaccinations; as well as assisting with community projects such as dog dipping and horse care. Along with a number of other projects, last year we started a programme at the East London Zoo and that will be continued with more enrichment for the animals and assistance for the staff.

We hope to see as much enthusiasm from our students in this coming year as we did in 2015.

Pre-vet Project Co-ordinator

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