Monday, 2 February 2015

A New Classroom for Silatsha School - The Beginnings!

Introduction to the site and other work done at the school
During January we had a great team of volunteers from project partners EDventures International & Pangea Trails. Group leader Tobz was tasked with supporting the team of eight Aussie's and their co-ordinators on a long term project at Silatsha Primary School in Mooiplaas. 

The project is building a new classroom at the school where currently several grades share the same classrooms with very limited space and facilities. 

Digging out and clearing the earth- preparing to lay the foundations

With a total of ten days to work on project the team had no easy feat! They were tasked with clearing the foundations and building up three courses/layers of wall with blocks. 
Mixing cement for the foundations - hard work!!

A quick break for action shots :)

The group managed to build one classroom sized foundation and build up three layers of cement blocks on top of the foundations. They also supported the school by doing a bit of gardening; cleaning and clearing the garden and planting vegetable seedlings which will help the schools feeding scheme.

The foundations! :) :)


The group were great - energetic and enthusiastic on site and always responding to feedback and suggestions. This allowed us to finish the task we were set even though it was a lot of hard work. 

Our trip to visit the infamous Mama Tofu - always a highlight :) 

Well done team!!

Can't wait for this project to progress next season - keep an eye on the vlog for more :)

Tobz & April

To find out more about VA32 volunteer projects visit our website.

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