Wednesday, 5 February 2014

The VA32 Ambassador Project

On Friday 31st Jan the VA32 Ambassador Project was opened up to our entire network of friends and supporters. The Ambassador Project aims at securing volunteers for the Wild Coast Schools and Community Preschool Projects for 2014, through the help of our past volunteers, current supporters and interested parties who share their experiences of Chintsa and VA32 with their own networks of friends, colleagues, local schools and colleges, classmates, sports teams, students unions and more!

What's in it for them?
A free volunteer placement! Any ambassador who refers five volunteers on to VA32 (the volunteers must confirm their placement with a 35% deposit) will be hosted for free, for two weeks, on one of our volunteer projects.

So who's getting involved?

An Ambassador Case Study...

VA32 Ambassador Claire
Ambassador Clare originally joined VA32 in 2007 volunteering on the Wild Coast Schools project and of course fell in love with Chintsa!

She returned in 2012 where she had a huge impact on the new Community Preschool Project which was, at the time, in the early stages of development.

Now back in the UK Clare has been spreading the word about VA32 and has taken on the role of an Ambassador.

Home-made cardboard cars in the Pre-School :)
In January 2014 we hosted Clare's friend Jade on the Community Preschool Project (which she loved!)...and so the wheel turns!

Clare only has 4 more volunteers to refer to us to secure her free placement - well done Clare!

And Jade is eager to join the project and be an Ambassador for VA32 - we can't wait to see how it goes Jade :)

A Few More Details...

VA32 provides help and advice to all ambassadors - we provide an ambassador pack with all relevant information about the volunteer projects and encourage our ambassadors to share their experiences on our social platforms to help others. Once a volunteer is referred on to VA32 via email we will help them to decide which project is best for them, give advice on booking flights and travelling to SA etc. while keeping our Ambassador in the loop.

Interested in becoming an Ambassador? Hurry up and email for more! The Ambassador Project is scheduled to end on 30th June 2014.

*T's & C's apply.

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