Thursday, 28 November 2013

Volunteer Teaching at the African Angels School

“Good morning Charlottte!” Being asked to volunteer teach at African Angels School is always a treat. With Grade R teacher Christy away for the day, I jumped on board the teaching train.

Grade R had been learning about wild animals, I saw some fantastic giraffes and artwork dotted all around the classroom. I also had the help of enthusiastic teaching student Jamie, who has been working with African Angels since October.

After talking about the weather and what day of the week it was, we started our morning with a story about safari animals. Having been to Inkwenkwezi game reserve the day before, the kids really knew what they were doing and Jamie took charge of the craft activity - elephant making!

We most definitely had some artists amongst us with some great giraffes and elephants being sculpted.
Lions, bears, elephants... Grade R students also made animal masks ready for our fun games and song singing later in the day!

“Rooaarr! Clip clop clip clop...” We played "animal salad" outside with some excitable students.
If that wasn’t enough we also sung “Old Macdonald had a safari.... full of crocodiles, elephants and giraffes!”

These animals weren’t the only ones that have cropped up at the Angels school. On Tuesday, hoards of people came to watch their annual Christmas nativity. Sheep, pigs, and a donkey thrown in for good measure! It was a special evening to watch, with Amahle’s strong voice narrating and guiding us through the story of Mary and Joseph.
A whole host of animals ready to perform in the Christmas Story

The little pink piglets in the Angels Christmas concert

Lutho’s angel stood tall and guided her own army of little angels behind her to see the birth of Jesus. Indi’s beautiful singing, recorder playing soldiers and Akha’s Mary were just some of the highlights from the evening. Brilliantly colourful costumes were worn by everybody, and the set had everything from owls to Augustus’ throne.
Lutho the Angel :)

The girls all ready to perform in the concert
I think the Angels should put on another play soon and I thoroughly enjoyed volunteering with them for the day :)

VA32 Volunteer Co-ordinator

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