Tuesday, 29 January 2013

My First Week Volunteering on the Community Pre-School Project

By Patricia, Brazil.

This is me with Jess (left), Bianca (middle) and some of the
kids from Chintsa.
In my first day at the creche I was introduced to the ladies that work there, to the children and their routine.
There are two separate places to the creche: one for kids between the ages on 0-2 years and on the the 3, 5 and 6 years old.

My work is specially with the babies and everyday I support the ladies, helping with the food, helping the babies to sleep and stopping them crying.

After my first few days I was totally adapted and the kids were getting used to me. Now they know who I am and are not afraid to be with me.

It's not easy work as there are at least 14 children every day, but all the hard work is rewarded by their smiles and "bye-bye"'s that I get every day when I leave the creche.

I'm totally in love with these babies already!

To find more about the VA32 Community Preschool Project visit our website.

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