Tuesday, 2 October 2012

ISV Impact Volunteers - Round-up Group 6 (Final Group)

It's been a long time coming but check out the images of our final group of impact volunteers of the Winter Season 2012! This group helped with a really vital project long over due in Chintsa. Chintsa had no "official" crèche or crèche building although loving local lady Bantu takes in small children and cares for them while their parents and carers were at work. Our final group of volunteers helped to make Bantu's dream come true and built her a safe place to care for a play with the youngest children of Chintsa.

Check out our slideshow of pictures below:

If you cannot view this slideshow properly click here to visit the set on Flickr.

To put this work in context I have included a few pictures of Bantu's old crèche:

Bantu in her previous crèche
Bantu and local volunteer Robyn with one of
Chintsa's tiniest residents

Local mama's who help out
at the crèche
Kids playing outside the old crèche

The new crèche building, almost ready to accept the local kids :)
The creche is now waiting to be completed by volunteer groups later in the year and with the help of donations and support from VA32 and the Friend of Chintsa networks.

It's been an awesome season for impact volunteer groups in Chintsa and some unbelievable work has been completed. We would like to say thank you to International Student Volunteers for partnering with Volunteer Africa 32 Degrees South and a HUGE thank you to the 57 AWESOME volunteers who we hosted over the winter! :)

Look out for more work from upcoming volunteer groups this Summer Season - our first group arrives in only 6 weeks! :) 

Volunteer on Chintsa beach, South Africa


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