Thursday, 23 July 2015

Volunteers Build New Loo's in Rural Schools

A completed toilet black
in one of our partner
Wild Coast Pre-schools
It goes without saying that schools need loo's! Yet in many rural pre-schools in the under-developed Eastern Cape of South Africa there is a lack of sanitary facilities. VA32, with the assistance of volunteers from International Student Volunteers, have begun to tackle this issue in partner preschools in the wider Chintsa area.

Volunteer groups have been working with VA32 project leader Milton at Mzwini and Somila Day Care Centres at the Southern end of the Wild Coast of South Africa.

The toilets are built on the long drop design which is a particularly popular solution in rural areas where there is little access to running water.

"Long drop" toilets (also known as pit latrines) come in varying shapes and sizes. The building of the toilet begins with a deep hole in the ground...

(when planning to build a long drop it must be taken into consideration whether there is a ground water source anywhere near the hole - the pit must be an appropriate distance from any ground water sources to prevent water contamination). 

Once the hole is dug the platform and "out house" for the loo needs to be built.

Inside the outhouse is a wooden bench which acts as the toilet and toilet seat.

In the toilets at Mzwini and Somila we provided a toilet for the teachers and a toilet for the learners.

Doors were then added to the blocks and bright paint to uplift the area. There is also ventilation built into the toilet blocks with opening windows and between the walls and roof.

The toilet block at Mzwini Day Care


The toilet block at Somila Day Care Centre

A huge thanks to all of the volunteers involved in this important project as well as partners Caring for Orphans in Rural Areas (CORA).

To find out more about volunteering in Africa with VA32 visit our website

Milton & April

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