Wednesday, 5 September 2012

ISV Impact Volunteers - Round up Group 5! (Plus Chintsa's very own SCARED)

The last two ISV teams may have left Chintsa a few weeks ago but neither they nor the hard work that they put in here in Chintsa have been forgotten! This awesome team totally brightened up Chintsa with their musical ways and fun "Scare" tactics (Milton & Denver will never be the same again!) as well as putting in some much needed hard work uplifting the Bulugha School Creche. Check out our slideshow below of their time in Chintsa...

If you cannot view this slideshow properly click here to visit the set on Flickr.

And while we're at it...catch Denver & Miltons scare on "SCARED - The Chintsa Version"...Well done Rock City Bru Crew! We love it!

A massive thanks to project co-ordinator Katie for the photos and amazing movie! :)


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