Monday, 14 May 2012

Welcome to our Vlog (also known as the Volunteer Africa Blog!)

It’s about time VA32 joined the blogging world – so here we have it! There’s so much going on in Chintsa and on our projects every day that we want to be able to keep our network of supporters, past volunteers, potential future volunteers and anyone interested in volunteering in general, up-to-date.
Naomi & I (April) have put our heads together and created this vlog with a whole host of interesting blogs up and coming – introductions to our projects for those of you who are new to VA32, the “what’s on” for Chintsa, travel tips and tricks and even packing lists, as well as all the up-to-the-minute news from the volunteer projects here in South Africa. 

The Vloggers
The VA32 team have all been called in to be a part of our vlog and will be vlogging about their days and uploading pictures often. All of our staff will make an appearance from Mike (that’s right, we are determined to engage him in the technological world) to Denver, Tobz to Nomakwezi. Visit our website to read a bit about our staff and get a bit of background on VA32 if you are new to the organisation. 

Guest Vlogging
We would love for our volunteers to take part in the vlog – current volunteers will share their thoughts on their experiences here and upload some snaps of their volunteer time as well. If you’re a past volunteer and would like to join in our vlog please drop us an e-mail at – we’d love to hear your ideas and publish a guest blog with you too. All other interested parties please feel welcome to comment on our vlogs or drop us an e-mail on the above address - we would like as many people as possible to be involved!

Don’t forget that you can still catch up with us on our lively facebook page, twitter account and flickr photostream.

Hope you’re looking forward to this as much as we are!


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