Monday, 28 May 2012

Vlogging the Volunteer Africa Way

Well well well. A volunteer blog. Technology is an amazing thing, but it is also another time demand in an already tight delivery schedule most of us are faced with. However, I do feel this platform will provide the volunteering sector with an opportunity to voice their experiences as volunteers. Designing projects and implementing them is very different to being a volunteer on a project. VA32 through my eyes must be very different to VA32 through a volunteer's eyes, and we really want to understand how you, our volunteers, experience projects.

We are the first to acknowledge that volunteering is not always easy. There are often unforseen challenges, expected challenges, changes to priorities, unexpected issues that take preference to our pre-planned program and quite a few more variables that require daily attention.
We are hoping through our "Vlog", that we will begin to share more effectively with you as volunteers as well as understand more about your time with us so as to continue to strengthen what we do.
Please subscribe to this vlog, read our posts and let us in on your experiences. If there's something you'd like to vlog about e-mail us -


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