Monday, 25 February 2013

My Time as a Volunteer in Chintsa, South Africa

by Patricia, Brazil

Getting into volunteer work not knowing for sure what is expected of you demands courage but also especially demands the will to share love and to help others.

When I came to Chintsa I didn't know how things would be. I didn't know how big and beautiful this project was and the huge love that I'd share in my days as a "vollie".

Love! I think that's the word that better defines work like this.

Today, in my last day at the Community Creche my heart is full of love. I now have an extra charge of love in my life!
My babies will be a part of me forever and I'm sure that a better future is waiting for them.
I leave them with a piece of my heart and take with me all this love which I received here.

Special thanks to all the people of the project and Volunteer Africa 32 Degrees South, and to my dears Nobuntu, Bantu, Ntombi and Robyn - the mama's of Chintsa Creche.

Love! Enkosi!

Criciuma, Brazil

To find out more about the Volunteer Africa Community Preschool Project which Patricia was a part of visit our website. 

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