Monday, 10 December 2012

15 Top Tips on Volunteering in Chintsa, South Africa

Volunteer co-ordinator Katie asked last seasons ISV Group Volunteers to put together a list of top tips for this seasons volunteers...we've picked out the 15 best tips to share with you!

  1. When someone tries to buy you for 30 cows, always try for 60.
  2. Buy from the street vendors while it's sunny and you have the chance. You never know the next time they'll be out.
  3. Don't be afraid to try Bantu's food - it's amazing and there's always seconds!
  4. Don't miss out on going to Mama Tofu's for an in-depth talk on sex education.
  5. Wake up for the sunrise.
  6. Screw "Hakuna Matata" - it's all about "Molo Yolo"!
  7. The locals around here are super cool so get to know them and their stories.
  8. Practice your Xhosa throughout the workday, it's surprisingly easier than you initially think!
  9.  Try every chocolate bar but guard your chocolate and stay away from the cherry chappies. Cadburys Top Deck is the best!
  10. Take advantage of Miller's strength and Denver's beauty.
  11. Take care of your cameras! Beware of sand and small children!
  12. Beware of the monkeys!
  13. Always thank Kwezi for the food, get to know her and help her out.
  14. No matter what enjoy every minute of your time in Chintsa, it really will fly by!
  15. Man up and work hard!
To see photos of the ISV Groups' experience in Chintsa (and maybe shed some light on a few of these tips!) check out our Flickr collection!

To all of our past volunteers - do you have any tips to add to the list? Please comment and share them below! 

Thanks to all of the ISV volunteers who contributed to this awesome (extremely entertaining) list of tips for our future volunteers and of course a massive thanks to Katie Ryan - our volunteer co-ordinator who goes above and beyond! :)


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